I have been having some strange health issues so I have decided to make some changes. One is to add more veggies. I usually get about 4-5 servings a day, but I think I need more in my quest to be as healthy as I can be. I started by adding a smoothie with coconut milk (with no carrageenan added or sugar) along with a high quality protein and a big handful of super greens. But I needed more and since I am starting back to my main job, teacher assistant, I needed something easy and fast! A friend of mine introduced me to a great company that believes in non-GMO and organic products. I am giving Purium`s Super Meal – L.O.V. TM a try. It  is a Live, Organic, Vegan meal replacement that is also 7 products in 1:

Weight Loss Formula + Protein Drink + Fiber Supplement + Essential Fatty Acid Supplement + Super-Antioxidant + Immune Support Supplement + Energy Drink!
The ingredients are amazing and I start tomorrow! I also have a special $50 gift card to help you get started. (see below for my email)
As far as my T-Tapp journey goes I have added a new favorite! Brain Body Fitness Turn Back Time it is two workouts in one, 36 minutes standing/25 minutes floor.
I hope you can join me on a healthier lifestyle!
Please feel free to contact me: jent0200@yahoo.com


Have your fitness/health goals stalled? Have you reached a plateau? I have broken through mine by adding a few things. One addition was an amazing new T-Tapp Brain-Body Fitness Floor workout. Along with Senior Fit I got it made. I usually do 15-20 minutes of Senior Fit, 2-3x a week (always starting with Primary Back Stretch) and one of the sequences from Brain-Body Fitness Floor, 2-3x a week. If you are just starting off with T-Tapp you may need to do Senior Fit a little more to understand the muscle activation. Of course, I am always sneaking T-Tapp in through-out the day, Hoe Downs , lifting ribs, walking in alignment, etc.

I also added Plexus. My favorite Plexus products are Plexus Slim, Probio5 (most important!) and Bio Cleanse (second most important!).
I have been enjoying increased energy, less “brain-fog”, a lot less pain (pain related to an accident 6 years ago and fibromyalgia) and increased fat loss! Cholestrol has dropped and I am off my thyroid medication, very excited!
Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me! jennifert@t-tapp.com


T-Tapp fitness in Lakeland with Jen

March 13, 2012

Are you ready to commit to getting healthy and fit?  See and feel the difference with T-Tapp, no impact aerobic, strength training and flexibility all in one program.  Through proper body alignment, full fiber muscle activation and using multiple muscles at the same time you can gain long lean muscle mass while losing inches and increase metabolic rate with […]

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